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Abstract decorative paintings make your home more artistic!

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"The painting is beautiful. perfect image by the artist. The artist is talented. So pleased and I have ordered another painting.."

—— Shirley Nguyen

"I am very happy with your products quality as well as your service. Especially to Kevin. Thanks very much! Andy from Sydney Australia."

—— Andy Canning

Amazing quality, we are very pleased with the artwork by the talented artist, thank you. We will definitely order more from your studio.

—— John Coyle

Excellent work! Such a quality painting and great service. Thanks a lot! Stuart Genova from Israel

—— Stuart Genova

I am very pleased from the LKL studio reproduction of Van Gogh's painting "Red Vineyards at Arles " and looking forward for another orders.

—— William Milano

"Please, could make the painting look just like the old i purchased a few months ago. It was perfect. Colors and texture."

—— Leo

Yes. This is perfect. Thank you Jackie, I am so excited! Susan

—— Susan

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Abstract decorative paintings make your home more artistic!

April 21, 2022
Latest company case about Abstract decorative paintings make your home more artistic!


Abstract decorative paintings make your home more artistic!


When designing a wall, we always have a variety of ways to enhance its beauty. Because the white wall looks too hollow, with the embellishment of the wall decoration, it will appear more delicate, and decorative painting is a good way. Especially the paintings with abstract patterns are even more intriguing!




If the wall itself is a white base, then when choosing decorative paintings, you might as well be more bold. The splendid colors have a strong visual impact, matched with different abstract lines, bringing the beauty of enjoyment and inspiring our artistic imagination!



In abstract decorative paintings, a commonly used element is color blocks. All kinds of color blocks have a strong three-dimensional sense. When they are combined with different lines, they can give decorative paintings full artistic appeal, making people stop and watch!



Color block + straight line


Smooth straight lines always give people a simple and refreshing feeling, without other complicated lines, it is more attractive and atmospheric. Combine it with splendid color blocks to outline a more distinct sense of hierarchy, and enjoy the artistic atmosphere of straight lines!



When choosing this type of abstract decorative painting, in order to enhance the three-dimensional sense, you may wish to choose a combination of contrasting colors. Two completely different colors on the line can be distinguished by the straight line in the middle, which intuitively gives people a bright feeling and more tonality!



When selecting lines, you can add horizontal or vertical bars to bring different visual extension effects. You can also combine the two together, and after colliding with infectious color blocks, the screen is instantly split, adding a touch of fashion!



In addition to the richer colors, the classic black and white collocation is also a good choice. Black and white lines can be combined with black and white color blocks to seek a sense of balance in different shades of color, which is very artistic!


Color block + curve


Sometimes the lines are too well-established, which seems to lack some aesthetic feeling, so you might as well try more unique curve elements. The curve is full of randomness, making the picture full of uninhibited personal artistic sense, which is even more unique!



There is no specific way of expressing the curve in the use of the picture. It can be a wavy line or an irregular line, bringing an artistic sense of the picture. Combine it with different color blocks to give the wall a good temperament!



If you want to make the whole home look more comfortable and warm, then when matching abstract decorative paintings, it should not be too exaggerated, otherwise it will appear a little messy. For example, the small and fresh blue series can be combined with white color blocks to make the picture more harmonious!


This kind of elegant color adds a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and with the casual feeling of the curve, you can feel a more comfortable home atmosphere. The rounded lines have no extra edges and corners, making the whole picture softer!



Color block + stitching


In order to show the abstract creative charm, the random splicing between the color blocks also has a charming charm. Because the color blocks themselves are highly eye-catching, even if it is matched with a white base cloth, it will not give people a boring and monotonous feeling!


When splicing color blocks, you can try the combination between the same color system. For example, the earth tones with a warm atmosphere are very attractive and simple in themselves. Combining them in different shades makes a simple geometric picture with a more playful feeling!



This kind of abstract painting itself relies on the imagination when it is created, so it is not so rigid. Whether it is a circle, an ellipse, or an irregular shape, it can render a very high tone and has a strong decorative effect!



Of course, when choosing a decorative painting, it must be matched with the overall style and tone. Too strong or light color, can not play the role of icing on the cake. Just the right embellishment can maximize the beauty of your home!



In order to give your home a unique feel, even the design of the walls should be different. Abandon the stereotyped decorative paintings, choose abstract patterns, and make the wall more toned!


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