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Creating a comfortable American bedroom by three easy steps.

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"The painting is beautiful. perfect image by the artist. The artist is talented. So pleased and I have ordered another painting.."

—— Shirley Nguyen

"I am very happy with your products quality as well as your service. Especially to Kevin. Thanks very much! Andy from Sydney Australia."

—— Andy Canning

Amazing quality, we are very pleased with the artwork by the talented artist, thank you. We will definitely order more from your studio.

—— John Coyle

Excellent work! Such a quality painting and great service. Thanks a lot! Stuart Genova from Israel

—— Stuart Genova

I am very pleased from the LKL studio reproduction of Van Gogh's painting "Red Vineyards at Arles " and looking forward for another orders.

—— William Milano

"Please, could make the painting look just like the old i purchased a few months ago. It was perfect. Colors and texture."

—— Leo

Yes. This is perfect. Thank you Jackie, I am so excited! Susan

—— Susan

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Creating a comfortable American bedroom by three easy steps.

May 7, 2022
Latest company case about Creating a comfortable American bedroom by three easy steps.


Creating a comfortable American bedroom by three easy steps


For a woman who is keen to dress up her home, the decoration of the living room can be said to be very important, and it is also very worthy of the challenge. After several months of selection and selection, it was finally completed. It is no exaggeration to say that it has really achieved the perfect living room in my mind. Come and share it with you today.



There are many types of bedroom homes, but what kind of bedroom is the most suitable for you? An American-style bedroom is a good choice. The United States is a country that advocates freedom, so they have a free and casual life without too many modifications and constraints.



This habit has also created the American style of decoration. Among the common home styles, American style is free and casual. It is extensive but not lacking in detail, and the atmosphere contains a comfortable feeling.



American-style bedrooms are generally more comfortable and warm, which can effectively create a warm and warm family atmosphere. Moreover, the furniture of American-style bedrooms generally give priority to wooden materials, which presents a simple and natural feeling, which is not only full of natural atmosphere but also shows the high taste of the owner.



American country air bed, high quality wood is durable



The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. One third of our life is spent in bed, which shows the importance of the bed to us. A good bed is not just a place to sleep, it can also bring warm comfort and an elegant and romantic aesthetic experience.


Paintings in living room and bedroom, combining elegance and warmth



Many decoration styles are very popular with hanging paintings. A beautiful hanging painting can effectively add elegance to the entire bedroom, but it is best to use soft colors. The bedroom is a place to sleep, so it should be arranged in a warm and comfortable way.


Exquisite European ornaments, full of creativity



Ornaments are easy to show a person's taste. If you buy the right ones and put them at home, it is the icing on the cake. Different home furnishings make the room have a different living atmosphere. Some simple trinkets can enhance the style of the room.


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